The Beginning of Walter Wednesdays

I’m proud to introduce Walter’s first video. He’s got his own YouTube channel and a website on the way — built by Publikwerks, of course. Walter’s got a whole slew of skits coming up, to be released every Wednesday, hence “Walter Wednesdays”, right? The first video is an installment called Ten Seconds of My Life. It’s going to be a recurring theme, so let me know what you think.

Please, go to YouTube and hit the ‘Subscribe’ button. It may seem like a minor thing, but he needs at least 100 subscribers to change his YouTube channel to… right now, it’s, and ‘UChh5r8bWBA0iGcTvtYwCcxw’ is just not very catchy, and it’s surprisingly easy to misspell.

I know there is only one video up so far, but there will be a new one every week, so hit that subscribe button. Once he has 100 subscribers, he can change the name of his channel.

Go out and live your dream. Like Walter says, “Every person is a star!”

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