Happy Solstice and New Goals

I've been slacking on my weekly blog, so for the New Year, I'm putting the hammer down. I'm doing daily haiku. Nothing too fancy, just a 5-7-5 meter. It'll be good semantics practice.
That's how I roll, I guess: If one project is too challenging for me, then I'll do two!
In boot camp, I was one the knuckleheads who volunteered to get the extra teargas.
Yep. Really.
Like I said: knucklehead. At least I learn from my mistakes. That's how I feel about my weekly blog and daily drawing efforts for 2017. I made some mistakes, but overall it was worth it. I'll do better next year. Now's the time to take stock of the situation and to plan for the future.

The fam and I spent the day yesterday hanging out, opening presents, and eating delicious foods. It was a great way to celebrate the Winter Solstice. I had been planning on talking a bit about our Solstice traditions, so to start, I sought the meaning of Yule from merriam-webster.com, and what I found was ": the feast of the nativity of Jesus Christ : christmas".
It is curious to note that the Yule tradition predates Christ, though. The word Yule has the same root in Old English as the word Wheel does. It's an acknowledgement of the cycle of life, the cycle of seasons, and the cyclical nature of the Universe, in general.

Ancient cycles turn
inside other, older wheels
the old turning new

The wheel has a visual representation this season, too, in the wreaths we see around us. What goes around, comes around. The days are short right now, but they will soon lengthen. At this time when it seems darkest, we can take heart knowing three things:

All things come to pass.
Change is the only constant.
Brighter days will come.

Also, I'm totally feeling these cards we printed at  Darling Press ... jes' sayin'.

Also, I'm totally feeling these cards we printed at Darling Press... jes' sayin'.