Eating Crow

If we are supposed to learn some lesson every lifetime, mine this time must be to stop talking so much shit. I don’t know where words come from. Where do thoughts come from? I don’t know. Half the time, they just seem to come out, like I’m thinking out loud, and totally unfiltered. With my sense of humor, I’m usually joking and don’t even mean it. For instance, I might make some wise-crack about “people who wear baseball caps”, and then realize to my horror that my client right behind me is wearing a baseball cap (true story), or the time I told my stepdad and his wife that I don’t believe in divorce. yep…

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Fandom Friday to #Shitsmonday

One of the coolest things about having kids is that they are a constant source of inspiration and motivation. So many of my recent creations have been catalyzed by my kids. They want to have their own YouTube personas, so I’ve had to learn that whole realm of video production, editing, green screens, sound editing, and all of that. This first video of Walter’s was basically to put all of that into practice before we launch theirs.

Another recent creation is this T-Shirt design. My kids are totally into Stranger Things (just like everyone else, I guess), so to support that interest, I whipped these puppies up. Yes, I have more for sale. Just tell me the size. Or wait a few days, and I’ll have them listed in my shop.

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Haiku and the Hobo Project

My love of words extends to the shape of the letters, and I do have my favorite typefaces. Unapologetically, Hobo is one of my all-time faves. I always hear people knocking it, but I love its wonkiness. The shape is silly, whimsical, and instantly recognizable. It pops out everywhere I go — like Typos, but you’ll see those on Mondays. I see it pretty much everywhere, so I started documenting it. I call it the Hobo Project. It’s about the Hobo typeface, but if it makes you think of homelessness, good because that’s something to think about.

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The Beginning of Walter Wednesdays

I’m proud to introduce Walter’s first video. He’s got his own YouTube channel and a website on the way — built by Publikwerks, of course. Walter’s got a whole slew of skits coming up, to be released every Wednesday, hence “Walter Wednesdays”, right? The first video is an installment called Ten Seconds of My Life. It’s going to be a recurring theme, so let me know what you think.

Please, go to YouTube and hit the ‘Subscribe’ button. It may seem like a minor thing, but he needs at least 100 subscribers to change his YouTube channel to… right now, it’s, and ‘UChh5r8bWBA0iGcTvtYwCcxw’ is just not very catchy, and it’s surprisingly easy to misspell.

I know there is only one video up so far, but there will be a new one every week, so hit that subscribe button. Once he has 100 subscribers, he can change the name of his channel.

Go out and live your dream. Like Walter says, “Every person is a star!”

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Avoiding burnout upon reëntry.

The past year-and-a-half has been a blur of changing realities and correspondingly changing priorities.

I feel like I’ve been in hibernation for the past thirteen years, and now that I’m out, I’m exploding with creative ideas. I’ll try to keep it to a low simmer.

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