Reading Influence

The last reading was intriguing but a little unclear, so I asked a few more questions.
The first was in response to the "Influence" card, Oppression, my feelings towards "jobs", and how to overcome those feelings. With this reading, I had the silk laid out in the living room at our cedar table -- the same spot as the previous reading. I shuffled the deck and was about to place the cards, when Alia stopped me.
She asked me to do the reading at the white table in the dining room, instead. The lighting was better, and she also wanted to use the white table as the background. (Alia takes the photos. I don't understand lay flat staging. At all.)

"Sure," I said. We have a modest house, and I literally walked across the room from one side to the other, from one table to the other table. No big deal, right? I wondered.
“Some people would say," I said , “that it doesn’t matter where I deal the cards, because they have already been shuffled. Whether I deal them at that table or this one makes no difference. The order of the cards has already been determined.”
Alia nodded that that makes sense.
"What I’ve learned from the little I have read about quantum physics, though, is that it DOES matter where I deal them. These cards haven't been determined. Until one of us sees the cards, they haven’t been determined at all. They are all just potential energy until a consciousness forms it. Everything is just vibrating energy. These aren't cards, and this isn't my hand holding it."
I know quantum entanglement is true because leaders of both science and mysticism say it is, but it's hard for me to understand.
Whether these are the same cards that would have been dealt across the room, no one can prove, but here's what was dealt:

second reading.jpg

The cards were all feminine: The High Priestess, The Queen of Cups, and The Star, which portrays a female figure in the foreground. Even the Influence card here was the Ten of Cups! (Water is a receptive and therefore feminine element, and the Tens are associated with The Princesses and Mother Earth.) The name of the card, Satiety, seemed to imply the way to overcome feelings of Oppression is to be satisfied with what I have.

Here, the card representing the Present is The Queen of Cups, the watery part of Water. She is a subtle, illusive, and gentle pleasure that comes with calm patience. It's important to consider that the Hearts also relate to love and emotions.

These designs highlight the relationship between the Mother/Daughter, Father/Son.

These designs highlight the relationship between the Mother/Daughter, Father/Son.

The card representing the Past is The Priestess, the third Trump card. This card is attributed to the Moon and the Hebrew letter Gimel, one of the "Mother" letters. Initially, I didn't get too much out of that information...
This was a good test to see if I could divine anything further with my simplified designs. I did! They made apparent to me that the energy is being drawn to the center. In fact, I noticed that the energy throughout these cards is fairly centered. Both the Past and the Future are connected to the center, Tipareth (Beauty). In my design, they are like a watch hand slowly ticking forward, and the Present card sits in the moment between those ticks.

The card representing the Future is The Star, attributed to Aquarius, the Water Bearer. The Path it represents draws energy back to center from Chokmah (Wisdom), the Father, to Tipareth, the Son. Both The High Priestess and The Star are associated with the Goddess. They represent the Virgin and Crone, respectively. That's when I noticed the relationship between the three cards. The Past, Present, and Future cards are literally the Virgin, the Mother, and the Crone!
Pretty trippy.

Overall, this reading suggests I stay satisfied and appreciative of the Now, while recognizing there is a natural progression to this lesson I am learning. The Key lies in mastering my emotions, staying centered, and remembering that I am a Star. My destiny is to shine.
As is yours!
Shine on!